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"Thank you so much we love your food and we feel very spoiled."

— Carol

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"Dear Jaq, to the best and most glamorous cook in the West Country”

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"Jaq, you are a very talented lady, that was absolutely delicious…"


"Thank you so much for our doorstep delivery, your cooking is amazing."

"Lunch is proving to be a triumph. From the stunning olives, delicious prawns with a delicious sauce (amazing) and then these rich meatballs...omg we are oohing and ahing. It has totally bossed the 2000 St. Julien Ducru Beaucaillou but it will recover well with carefully sourced cheeses! This morning’s Frangipani with coffee started us off well but lunch has been stunning. Well done Jaq and thank you so much."


— Carol


"Oh my goodness Jaq, that was my absolute food heaven - it was like a scene out of When Harry Met Sally at our dining table tonight! Thank you so much. WONDERFUL! XXX”


"As soon as I saw vegetarian week I knew it was going to be a good one as far as I was concerned. It’s amazing that you always come up with new things each week, I don’t know how you do it! I haven’t seen a menu yet that hasn’t felt exciting to receive"

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